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Rapidly achieve your grassroots football fundraising goals.

Create and share football scratch card games online with team supporters and parents to boost revenue at no cost to your team!

Raise your team fundraising income today!

We've streamlined the entire process of the traditional fundraising football card game, by creating an online version that is easy to use and can quickly raise fundraising income for your team.


1. EASILY create & SHARE your game cards

Set the number of teams, the cost to play and the amount of winnings that goes to the club & winner.


2. Games are played & paid for online

No more running around with those card sheets & chasing your players for money, that's surely a win-win!


3. automatic DAILY PAYOUTS for your club

Once a game has ended, the generated funds are paid instantly into your nominated bank account.

The traditional football card game


How we help to increase your club's fundraising

Traditional fundraising football cards are great for generating vital fundraising income for your grassroots team, but they can be tricky to manage. You probably spend a lot of time sharing the game card amongst your network and when the time comes to collect in the money from each participant this can be very time-consuming & often problematic.

We have removed all of these common problems by creating a seamless platform that allows you to effortlessly create & share your fundraising football cards online in just a few simple steps.


Play & pay online for faster & safer fundraising for your club

Using your teams’ network of supporters (i.e. the families of your players and their extended family & friends) you can easily share your online football card games to a wide audience quickly. Meaning you should be able complete your football cards much faster than usual.

Using any smartphone, tablet or computer, you simply select the teams you want & then securely pay online using a debit/credit card or with the tap of a button you can pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Once all of the teams have been selected, the game is automatically closed & the winner is selected at random.

The new football card game now online


Instant payouts for your club

Once a game has finished, the proceeds that have been raised by the game are automatically distributed between your club & the game winner. This is all done automatically for you, which means no extra paperwork or admin for your club :o)

The winning proceeds are sent to your bank account on the same day as the game finishes, giving you quick access to the raised funds from the game.

The game winner is automatically emailed with instructions on how to claim their winnings.


Clubs! How much monthly fundraising could we generate for your whole club?

Use our calculator to get an estimate of how much potential fundraising income we can generate for your grassroots football club.

take a look for yourself

experience a demo game now!


Don't have time for this?

Let us handle this for your teams.

We’ll set up all your teams and games, leaving you with the sole task of having your team coaches share the games with your supporters.

To use this service, simply sign up below and once your account is activated, send us a message via your account page.

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How much could we generate for your club?

Use our calculator to get an estimate of how much potential revenue we can generate for your club.

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Create a team

Use this form to create a new team for your club. You can then create a game card for this team to begin fundraising.

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Quick actions

Your game has been created!

You can now share this game with your teams’ network i.e parents/coaches and ask them to play this game. Encourage your players to share the game with their family & friends too!

Contact us

If you have any questions about anything, please drop our support team a message below & they will get back to you asap.

Which year was the team formed?

To comply with the UK Gambling Act 2005 we need to set a ‘skill’ question that you must answer before you can participate in this game. 

Think about how to find the answer! Is the answer on the team website, Facebook page or group chat? Is there anyone from the team (coach or parent) that knows the answer?

Help & Support

If you require help using this app, please see the information below. Alternatively feel free to drop out support team a message below & they will get back to you as soon as possible.

To get started with your account please make sure both your bank account & identity have been verified on your settings page.

Once your account has been verified head over to your teams page to create your first team.

After you have created a team, you can then create a scratch card game for the team & begin fundraising by sharing the game with your team’s’ network of supporters (parents, coaches, family, friends).

You can create as many teams for your club as you like & then create as many games for these teams, so your football scratch card fundraising options are really unlimited :o)

For security & fraud purposes your account requires verification.

Your bank account should have already been setup via our payment partner Stripe, this is required so we can payout the generated funds to you.

We additionally require an identification check to ensure we are safeguarded against any fraudulent activity. You can confirm your identity be submitting a valid UK driving license or passport via your settings page.

Once the identity verification check has been submitted we will then have this confirmed with your club to verify your identity.

Each fundraising campaign begins with a team and you can manage your teams from this page. To begin with simply create a new team & once this is done you can create your scratch card games for this team & other teams you create.

To manage your games, you first need to select a team, which you can do by clicking on this page.

From the following page you can create & manage your scratch card games for your selected team.

Once a scratch card game has ended (which happens when all teams have been purchased), the winner is drawn automatically & the funds are automatically paid out to the club & the winner.

Payouts are automatically sent to your bank account & should arrive in your bank account shortly afterwards.

If you still require help, you can reach out to us by submitting your enquiry on the form below.

Get in touch

Your Team Name

This is the name of your grassroots football team you are signing up for i.e ‘Newcastle Blues U15s‘. Once your account has been setup you can add more teams that you may also manage/coach.

What year was the team established?

To comply with UK gambling laws we need to set a ‘skill’ question that players must answer before they can participate in a game. 

Before a person is asked to pay for their teams, they will be asked ‘What year was the team established?‘ Please ensure everyone is ready to answer this question correctly so that they can continue with their purchase.

Coaches can help people with the answer by using whatever methods you use to communicate with your team i.e WhatsApp or Messenger for example.

Create a game explained

This page allows you to create a new game. To create a game you need to complete the following details:

1. Number of teams – This is the number of teams that will appear on your game. The more teams you have the greater the revenue you will generate. Please be aware that larger games will take longer to complete. To begin with maybe start with a smaller number of teams (20-40 teams)

2. Cost Per Team – This is how much each team will cost to purchase. Please be realistic with this value & consider if your audience can afford this. An average cost is between £2.00 – £5.00 per team.

3. Player Winnings Percentage – This option sets the winnings percentage for the winner. The player will win this amount & your team will receive the remaining amount (minus our transaction fees). The amounts will be shown in the ‘Your Card Summary‘ section once the game has been generated.

Close this game

You should only close a game if you are struggling to complete the game due to a lack of activity from your players & it has been running for a while. If you close the game now, the winner will be drawn at random. The amounts shown below will be paid out to the winner & team.

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Payout Summary
Current Total:
Total fees:
Payout for Winner:
Payout for team:

Before closing this game ensure that you have shared the game with all of the team parents and on your teams’ social media for maximum exposure. Please note that paying out lower amount to winners could jeopardise future games, as players may show less interest. 

This game cannot be closed because it has no players or its value is too low.

Game details explained

This page shows the live details of the selected game. On this page you can view which teams have been purchased & which teams are remaining.

You can also keep track of current totals to see how much has been raised so far & how much is left remaining before the game can be closed.

If you are struggling to complete a game, you may use the ‘Close Game‘ button to close the game early & the totals shown will be what is paid out to the winner & club respectively.

Payout explained

The payout figure that you see is the final amount that your team will receive into your designated club bank account.

Payouts to the game winner & team are automatically paid once a game finishes.

Winning amount explained

The winning amount that is shown is the full amount that the winner will receive once the game has finished. You can change this amount to a figure that best suits your fundraising goals.

The lower this rate is set will result in a higher payout for your team, but this may make the game less appealing to players if the winning amount seems low.

Fees explained

The fees are calculated from the total value of the game and are automatically deducted from the proceeds of the game.

Fess are applied to cover bank transaction fees & platform service charges.